Juan Salvador
Crespo Cepas

Assistant Professor
Estructura Económica, Universitat de València

PhD in Economics, University of Toulouse (France)

Fields of interest
Regional economics, Innovation, Knowledge networks

Selected publications

  • "Unraveling the multi-scalar and evolutionary forces of entrepreneurial ecosystems: A historical event analysis applied to IoT Valley". (with A. Bessagnet, J. Vicente). Technovation [2021].

  • "Smart specialization policy in the European Union: relatedness, knowledge complexity and regional diversification". (with P. Balland, R. Boschma, D. Rigby). Regional Studies , 9: 1252-1268 [2019].

  • "Network structural properties for cluster long-run dynamics: evidence from collaborative R&D networks in the European mobile phone industry". (with R. Suire, J. Vicente). Industrial and Corporate Change, 2: 261-282 [2016].

Tel: 9638 28340
Web personal: http://