The Department of Applied Economics II holds a Departmental Seminar on a continuous basis over the academic year. It is a good opportunity to present ongoing research of members and non-members of our Department. The Departmental Seminar takes place on Fridays. For any information or query regarding the seminar series please send and e-mail to Juan Alberto Sanchis or Francisco Requena.

2024-03-21 Committing to innovate: Decoding complementarity in open source software
Petralia, Sergio.

2024-02-05 Top Earners and the Great Compression: New Estimates Based on Tax Records
Gómez Blanco, Victor Manuel.

2024-01-17 Granular firms and aggregate fluctuations
Blanco Arroyo, Omar.

2023-11-22 Essays on international trade and climate change
Martínez Martínez, Alejandra.

2023-11-08 Consumption patterns of pensioners: Exploring differences between breadwinners and non-breadwinners
Cabanillas Jiménez, Guillermo.

2023-09-27 In search of factors explaining the impact of climate change on international trade
Martínez Martínez, Alejandra.

2023-09-11 "The Gendered Impact of In-State Tuition Policies on Undocumented Immigrants' College Enrolment Graduation , and Employment"
Dziadula, Eva.

2023-06-14 The impact of climate on international trade: a gravity model estimation
Martínez Martínez, Alejandra.

2023-05-26 Inequality and climate change: the (within-countries) distributional effects of global warming
Castells Quintana.

2023-05-12 Gain from Patent Protection-Evidence from India
Gupta, Apoorva.
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2023-04-27 A Simple Theory of Economic Development at the Extensive Industry Margin
Diodato, Dario.
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2023-03-28 Firm Export Dynamics in Interdependent Markets
Morales, Eduardo.
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2023-03-08 International accreditation, linguistic proximity and trade in medical services
Chung-Ping, (Albert) Loh.
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2022-12-14 Improving apllied general equilibrium models of trade liberalization with better elasticity
Kehoe, Timothy J..

2022-11-02 Evaluating the long-term impacts of economic policy shocks among necessity and opportunity entrepreneurs
Rubino, Nicola.

2022-10-05 Employment effects from digitalization: Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms
Bonvin, Daniel.
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2022-10-03 Can Buying Weapons from Your Friends Make You Better Off? Evidence from NATO
Hromcova, Jana.

2022-07-15 Firms’ characteristics and their international location strategy: Micro-level evidence from European countries
Martí Arnau, Josep.
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2022-07-08 Unconventional Monetary Policy and Economic Inequality
Karen Davtyan.
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2022-06-20 The Effect of Opportunistic Litigation on Strategic Alliance Formation
Martín Sánchez, Miryam.

2022-06-03 Just reallocated? Robots, displacement and job quality
Cuccut, Liliana.
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2022-05-25 When Less is More: Information and the Financing of Innovation
De Bettignies, Jean-Etienne.
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2022-03-25 Commuting, children and the gender wage gap
Mulalic, Ismir.
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2022-03-21 The Value of Information in Competitive Markets: The Impact of Big Data on Small and Medium Enterprises
Gil, Ricard.
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2021-05-21 Credit allocation and the financial crisis: evidence from Spanish companies
Petrovic, Marko.

2021-05-14 Intra-household bargaining for a joint vacation
Boto García, David.

2021-04-30 Minimum wages, youth employment and spatial spillovers: New evidence for Spain
Melguizo Cháfer, Celia.

2021-04-23 Perform, start, continue R&D activities: do financial constraints matter?
Bianca Maria Chirita.
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2021-04-16 Do shippers’s characteristics influence port choice criteria? Capturing heterogeneity by using latent variable models
Martinez-Moya, J..

2020-04-24 Electoral opportunism and water pricing with incomplete transfer of control rights
Suárez-Varela Maciá, Marta.

2020-04-01 How do satisfaction and health shape the retirement behavior of self-employed and paid employees?
Justo González, Raquel.

2020-02-21 How digitalization impacts employment: theoretical and policy challenges

2019-12-09 A Principled Approach to Assessing Missing-Wage Induced Selection Bias
Qin, Duo.

2019-11-26 Comments are welcome*
Minondo, Asier.
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2019-11-07 2 presentaciones: Cambio estructural y desigualdad, Camilo Andrés Mesa Salamanca (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia). / Argentina y los desafíos de su inserción internacional. Ignacio De Angelis

2019-10-28 A New Dispute Resolution Tool for Successful MSME Participation in Global Trade?
Butler, Petra.

2019-09-19 Should immigrants rely on their friends or their skills to find a job?
Aubry, Amandine .

2019-05-29 High-skilled diasporas, relatedness and technology take-offs
Miguelez, Ernest .

2019-04-05 Understanding Joint Retirement
van Soest, Arthur.

2019-03-22 Communication games on networks
Laclau Vigueral, Marie .

2019-02-28 Green consumers and the choice between emission and output taxes
Constantatos, Christos.

2018-11-21 TTIP or not TTIP? Explaining the incongruities between attitudes towards free trade and the TTIP among European public opinion
Díaz-Lanchas, Jorge.

2018-10-29 Long-run technological convergence and divergence of American cities (1860–2010)

2018-10-17 Why Do Estimates of the EMU Effect On Trade Vary so Much?
Rose, Andrew K..

2018-05-18 Racial double standards? The case of expected performance and dismissals of head coaches in NBA
Gómez González, Carlos.

2018-05-10 The Impacts of Brexit on European Equity Markets
Bohdalová, Mária.

2018-03-02 Olley and Pakes-style production function estimators with firm fi xed eff ects
Zubanov, Nikolay .
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2017-12-01 Labour market decision of Self-employed after 65 years old in the Netherlands
Nagore García, Amparo.

2017-10-27 Evaluación de la calidad en los repertorios musicales de las orquestas sinfónicas españolas: una aproximación por medio de DEA
Gómez Vega, Mafalda.
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2017-06-12 Performing Youth: Did Young Managers Withstand the Great Recession?
Pieri, Fabio.
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2017-05-19 Optimal feed-in-tariffs for Household Photovoltaic Panels in France
Sanin, María Eugenia.

2017-05-09 Rethinking the Evolutionary Foundations of Economics and Finance
Owen, Robert F..

2017-05-05 Differences-in-differences estimation: empirical applications
Martínez Granado, Maite.

2017-04-04 The role of the crisis in the export and R&D adoption and their intensity
Vicente, Oscar.
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2017-03-31 Lending technologies, banking relationships, and firms’ access to credit in Italy: the role of firm size
Angori, Gabriele.
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2016-12-01 Security Bond for Unconventional Gas Development: An economics experimental study
Ancev, Tiho.

2016-11-22 News and Uncertainty Shocks
Cascaldi Garcia, Danilo César .

2016-09-30 Marriage Premia and Classes
Roberto, Bonilla.

Maliar, Serguei .

2016-05-20 The Distributive Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policies
Davtyan, Karen.

2016-04-28 Type Search and Choice: True and Adopted Type Mismatch and the Generation of Frames
Martínez Cárdenas, Rubén .

2016-02-18 The impact of environmental behavior on the efficiency in residential water consumption
Pérez-Urdidles, María.

2016-02-04 How Firms Accumulate Inputs: Evidence from Import Switching
Mariscal, Asier.

2015-06-11 Gender Differences in Unemployment Dynamics and Initial Wages over the Business Cycle
Nagore García, Amparo.

2015-05-29 Retirement Behavior in the U.S. and Europe
de Bresser, Jochem.

2015-05-22 Trade openness and income: a tale of two regions
Camarero, Mariam.

2015-05-08 Envy and habits: panel data estimates of interdependent preferences
Labeaga, José María.

2015-04-24 The Contribution of Research and Innovation to Productivity and Economic Growth
Fox, Kevin.

2015-03-31 Ownership structure and firm export performance. Evidence from Slovenian microdata.
Kostevc, Črt .

2015-03-03 Intangible capital in the Balkan region.
Redek, Tjaša.

2015-02-20 An analysis of the price escalation of non-linear water tariffs for domestic uses in Spain
Suárez-Varela Maciá, Marta.

2015-01-30 The Effect of Taxes on the Debt Policy of Spanish Listed Companies
Clemente ALmendros, José Antonio.

2014-12-05 Measuring school demand in the presence of spatial dependence: A conditional approach.
López Torres, Laura.

2014-11-14 Patent Collateral, Investor Commitment, and the Market for Venture Lending
Serrano, Carlos.

2014-05-16 The role of credit constraints on firms exporing and importing activities
Franco, Chiara.

2014-05-09 R&D policy and....

2014-03-14 Unemployment Transitions to Stable and Unstable Jobs Before and During the Crisis
Nagore García, Amparo.

2014-02-28 An empirical assesment of the impact of public research contracts on scientific productivity
Alonso Borrego, César.

Villegas, Carolina.

2013-10-11 Immigration and productivity: a Spanish tale
Nicolini, Rosella.

2013-05-31 Supply-Chain Trade: A Portrait of Global Patterns and Several Testable Hypotheses
Lopez-Gonzalez, javier.

2013-05-24 R&D drivers and obstacles to innovation in the energy industry
Garcia Quevedo, Jose.

2013-04-26 Are You Happy While You Work? (economia de la felicidad)
Mackerron, George.

2013-04-19 Technology Spillover and Economic Integration – Evidence from Integrating Countries

2013-02-11 Trading and Enforcing Patent Rights
Serrano, Carlos.

Pagliara, Francesca.

2012-09-28 Regional Spatial Structure and Retail Amenities in the Netherlands
Meijers, Evert.

2012-06-19 The sourcing pattern of family firms

2012-06-15 TailCoR
Veredas, David.

2012-05-25 Long-Term Growth and Persistence with Endogenous Depreciation: Theory and Evidence
Romero Ávila, Diego.

2012-05-18 The use of public sector enterprises as a way to circumvent hard fiscal constraints
Garcia Valiñas, Marian.

2012-05-04 Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs
Wright, Gregory.

2012-04-27 Changing Class: Size Transition in European Firms

2012-04-20 Immigrants and Entrepreneurship: a road for talent or just the only road?
Iranzo, Susana.

2012-03-30 ¿Empleo público o privado? Analizando los rendimientos de la educación y la asignación del talento en la UE 15
Iglesias Garrido, Jesús.

2012-03-09 An assessment of structural change in cyclical indicators

Añón Higón, María Dolores.

2012-02-10 Combining technical and management innovation: understanding their antecedents and effects on performance
Sempere, Francisca.

2012-02-03 Economic impacts of road improvements: evidence from British micro-data
Sanchis Guarner, Rosa.

2012-01-20 Un análisis comparativo de la eficiencia energética regional en España
Ruiz Fuentesanta, Maria Jesús.


2011-11-25 An analysis of returns to early adoption of externally sourced technologies
Palomas, Sergio.

2011-11-18 The impact of research joint ventures on SMEs performance: Empirical evidence for Spanish firms
Barajas, Ascensión.

2011-11-11 Inflation convergence in Central and Eastern Europe with a view to adopting the euro
Cuestas, Juan Carlos.

2011-10-21 El Mercado de Futuros del Aceite de Oliva: un Mercado mundial con sede en España
Martin Mesa, Martin.
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El Mercado de Futuros del Aceite de Oliva: un Mercado mundial con sede en España

2011-05-13 Start-up incentives: entrepreneurship policy or active labour market programme?
Millán, Jose María.

2011-05-06 Optimal Foreign Direct Investment in the Presence of Human Capital Accumulation
Cristobal-Campoamor, Adolfo.

2011-04-15 Foreign Investments and Productivity. Evidence from European Regions

2011-04-15 Access to the public knowledge base of universities: Who’s more nationalist?
Azagra, Joaquín.

2011-04-08 A Real-time trading rule
Rambaccussing, Dooruj.

2011-04-01 Wage effects from changes in local human capital in Britain
Kaplanis, Ioannis.

2011-03-25 Comparative Advantage Across Goods and Product Quality
Alcalá, Francisco.

2011-03-04 Supply Chains in Export Agriculture, Competition, and Poverty in Sub Saharan Africa
Depetris Chauvin, Nicolas.

2011-02-28 La racionalización de las infraestructuras de transporte en España
Bel, Germà.

2011-02-21 Does Foreign Patent Protection Increase The United States ´Trade of Pharmaceuticals with Developing Countries?
Boring, Anne.

2011-02-18 Trade Openness, Institutional Change and Economic Growth
Navas-Ruiz, Antonio.

2011-01-28 Estimating Central Bank Preferences in a Small Open Economy: Sweden 1995-2009

2010-12-10 How cluster connectedness moderates the effect of R&D effort on innovation
Molina, Xavier.

2010-12-02 The economics of international migration
Peri, Giovanni.

2010-11-26 Corporate R&D and Innovation
García, Abraham.

2010-11-19 Subsidies to R&D and permanent inducement effects
Arque, Pere.

2010-10-29 Location, innovation and human capital?
Sena, Vania.

0203-06-14 The impact of climate change on international trade: a gravity model estimation
Martínez Martínez, Alejandra.


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